Dear Bradgate Doors,
I had a great deal of problems with my 16' wide garage up Roller door. I had fitted a remote control unit and motor and it had worked for a few days and then never again. I could not go to the company I bought the equipment off as they only sold equipment and didn't install the items for me. After a few months of frustration and a few extortionate quotes to fix it I came across Bradgate Doors. The engineer came out very quickly and assessed the situation. I was pleasantly surprised not to be charged for a call-out. He came back to me with a reasonable quote to fix the job and when the parts arrived he fitted the parts and made sure all the problems were fixed before he left. I would add that he did this in the dark and very cold condition but was still polite and although tired in good spirits. I was a very happy bloke for a fair few months. Then we hit a cold spell and my door stopped working and I called the engineer out again, who once he was contacted came out very quickly. On his way over I tried the door again and it worked!! It turns out that condensation caused by the extreme cold sometimes causes the remote unit to switch off to save it from breaking. Once again The engineer was courteous and was not going to charge me but I forced him to take some diesel money for his troubles - he double checked the unit while he was there as well.
All in all I am extremely satisfied with Bradgate Doors and would definitely recommend them to anybody who wants any type of garage door.