• Your price was the best we had received from 4 other quotes
  • Your service was the best anyone could ask
  • You did not ask for any money in advance, came along at no extra cost and measured up as we were unsure about some elements of the measuring up. Other organisations would only do this if we paid 50% up front. This was worrying because not really knowing if what we needed was the same as we thought we wanted, so if the other organisations had come along and then quoted a higher figure for whatever reason, then it was worrying whether we would get this large amount of money we were required to pay in advance back from them, but you came along, measured up and gave advice, kept your price the same and even put in some additions at the same price and we felt very reassured by your straightforward manner, you did not try to complicate or confuse or try to make out this or that was difficult, just a very professional and friendly in your approach
  • You kept all your promises on delivery
  • Came along and did a magnificent job
  • Cleaned up everything as quoted and took all the rubbish way
  • Only when the job was finished did you ask for the money as quoted and no hidden extras
  • One very tiny roller was missing, which we did not know about but you pointed it out and sent the missing part in the post
  • The quality of the door was excellent
  • We have had the door in use now for about 2 months and have not had any problems or issues

Thank you both very much for a wonderful transaction, we could not have got better service from anyone.

Alan and Jackie Davies